Psychotherapy Session

Psychotherapy Session



Psychotherapy is the study of different mental health problems, their management and prevention. Also called talking therapy, it teaches the client more about their condition, moods, feelings, behaviours, and actions. Psychotherapy enables the client to take control of their life and respond positively to difficult situations through the use of coping strategies. Each session assists the client to recognise the cause of their malaise so they can better function at a personal and professional level.

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HK $1,800     –       Individual psychotherapy (50-min session)

HK $6,000     –       4-sessions ($1,500 per session)

HK $2,400     –       Closed Group  4-sessions ($600 per session)

HK $1,000      –      Group Supervision (120-min session)

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Also Available:

Esoteric Psychotherapy

Using a combination of talking and energy therapy, Esoteric Psychotherapy (EP) assists the client in balancing their flow of qi or energy. A client typically presents with troubling issues that might be physical or emotional or both. When the negative impact of such issues and or feelings of discontent become too much, people will search out a form of healing, signalling that they are ready for a change in their life. By restoring the energy balance between body, mind and soul, EP helps and encourages the necessary changes. Specifically, EP facilitates the release of that harmful ‘package’ of energy at the root of the problem allowing the client to regain their balance and harmony.


HK $1,800     –        Individual Esoteric Psychotherapy (50-min session)

HK $6,000     –        4-sessions ($1,500 per session)

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