Master of Counselling Student, Monash University, Hong Kong


After graduating in the 1980s, in 1990 Liz left the UK for Hong Kong, hoping for a career start and new adventure.  Thirty years later, having worked on the radio, and producing three children, Liz is happy to be back in Hong Kong after seven years living in Indonesia and India.
Liz also returns with a new understanding of mental health issues and life challenges, and a determination to proactively and constructively help clients feel they do not have to cope alone; that there are positive and beneficial steps that can be taken together to improve mental wellbeing. Liz is committed to this new career path in counselling and brings a deep enthusiasm as well as a rich and varied life experience to assist her clients on their journey to wellbeing.
Liz has a developing interest in couple and family therapy, as well as helping individuals.  
Gottman Method Couples Therapy Training – Level 2 Certified

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