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Monday's Online Psychology and Mindfulness - LTA

Every Monday evening we have a Zoom online, Psychological and Mindfulness event – a ‘Let’s Talk About’ Topics include Worthiness, Anxiety, Vulnerability, Resentment, Stress, Shame etc.

After a short introductory talk by Liz McCaughey, or an occasional guest, small breakout groups discuss the topic under the supervision of an experienced co-ordinator. Latter, the co-ordinators briefly summarise their group’s experience and then Liz wraps up the discussion followed by a short Mindfulness meditation.

Information about the topic and suggested preparatory ‘homework’ is sent to all registrants. The topic is usually reprised on the next Monday as most participants find that they need time to absorb the information and would like to question and further examine the topic. Liz suggests further ‘homework’ for the interim week.

Note: Each event is stand-alone and missing the first week of a subject (or forgetting to do your homework😬) will not detract from your enjoyment or benefit from the next session.

Once you have signed up, we’ll share all the details of how to access the online video conference in Zoom (it’s easy!) and how to set yourself up at home ready for a wonderful connection.

There is a talk, discussion and meditation every Monday

Every Week:    Mondays  –  Time:   6.30pm  –  7.30pm HKT

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