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Mental Health in the Workplace

At any moment, over 35% of people in Hong Kong (HK) are suffering at work with symptoms of a mental health condition. The 2019 study by Oliver Wyman and the City Mental Health Alliance (CMHA)HK identified that HK workers are not comfortable to talk about mental health issues, they have rarely received any training related to mental health and many continued to work knowing they were performing below their capacity.

It’s not a shock to learn that people who ignore mental health problems are three times more likely to take a long-term sickness absence, and that’s a clear problem for businesses.  A 2017 report by Deloitte states that if an employee leaves their employer due to mental health-related reasons, the cost to the employer is significant as they need to find a replacement, lose valuable professional experience and they need to provide new training. The 2019 study by Oliver Wyman and CVMH estimated the cost of mental health-related turnover in HK is around 5 – 12Bn HKD per year.

The most successful employers in the public, private and non-profit sectors have introduced a positive culture around mental health at work. Not only does it help their people, it also improves their organisation’s performance.

Having good mental health is important to your business as it creates a pleasant working environment and therefore attracts a higher calibre of worker. This leads to employees being better motivated and to perform tasks to a higher standard. There will be less sick-days and your reputation as a business will be enhanced when it is known you ‘look after’ your employees.

Training Program 1 - Stress Management

Stress has become a part of our lives and we need to learn how to cope with it.  This workshop is designed to help a person cope with stress, learn how to try and avoid it, manage or minimise its effects and become stronger and more motivated as a result of the training. It is ideal training for all employees.

  • For supervisors, team leaders and managers who want to reduce and manage work related stress at an individual and organisational level.
  • It will also help employees develop and implement effective strategies to prevent and manage their stress levels at work.

The Stress Management Training workshop is designed to help educate both managers and employees about stress and how to recognise the signs in the workplace.

The Stress Management Training Workshop will include:

  • Recognising the symptoms of stress and the stress triggers for managers & employees
    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Mental
  • Normalisation of the stress using simple techniques for immediate effect
  • Self-help techniques to manage wellbeing at work
    • Be more aware about the nature of stress, its management and prevention
    • A stress relief toolkit
  • Creating the right culture within an organisation
  • Intervention, coping & personal resilience for all employees

Contact us to find out more about our stress management training courses for employees and employers.

Training Program 2 - Resilience & Mindfulness

Some people work well under pressure, others just become overwhelmed. The Resilience & Mindfulness Training workshop can support individuals by helping them be more present to manage the pressures of corporate life. We all live very busy lives with not enough hours in the day to do the work required. The Resilience and Mindfulness Training will provide effective tools to help us become more aware. Only then will we be able to give our attention to what is happening in the present moment, instead of fretting about something that has not occurred.

The Resilience & Mindfulness Training Workshop will include:

  • What it means at an individual level to be resilient in the workplace
  • Explore different approaches to working and being resilient
  • What is mindfulness and how it helps with resilience
  • How mindfulness can be used when experiencing stress, feeling overwhelmed or other emotional & mental areas of life that diminish our effectiveness at work
  • Putting mindfulness into practice
    • Exercise
    • Breathing
    • Focus
    • Meditation
  • Increasing awareness of personal resilience
    • How you act under pressure
    • Bringing awareness to your habitual reaction patterns to stress and demands
  • Using mindfulness to manage pressure and to instead enhance your resilience to pressure

Contact us to find out more about our Resilience & Mindfulness Training courses for employees and employers.

Training Program 3 - Mental Health Awareness

Sometimes it will seem obvious when someone is going through a hard time, but there is no simple way of knowing if they have a mental health problem. Although certain symptoms are common with specific mental health problems, people react differently when they are unwell. Some can hide what they are going through, others are an open book. But eventually, mental health issues will cause a person’s behaviour to alter.  If a work colleague exhibits behavioural changes, they may have a problem and need help.

They key to arresting mental health problems is being able to identify them, in ourselves or our colleagues. The Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace Training workshop has been developed to give employers or employees knowledge and insight into how to identify, understand and help individuals who may be developing mental health issues.

The Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace Training will include:

  • How to identify the signs of common mental health problems
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Stress
    • Self-harm potential
  • A checklist for providing support
  • What to do to help a person with mental health issues
  • How to help someone who may be thinking of self-harm
  • Guide someone towards proper professional help
  • Breaking the stigma associated with mental health problems
  • Proactive planning for employers and employees to find a solution

Contact us to find out more about our Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace Training for employees and employers.

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