Esoteric Psychotherapy

Esoteric Psychotherapy


Esoteric Psychotherapy is a combination of talking therapy and the manipulation of the forces of energy, known as chakras and the vital/energy body, known as the aura, using the sacred geometrical shape of the Triangle. It deals with an individual’s energy body using the healing circuits, known as triangles, to form a clinical diagnosis relating to physiological and psychological ailments.

It is a form of healing that:

    • Uses the 7 major energy bodies (chakras) and minor chakras to heal from the soul and spiritual levels of the self.
    • Uses the healing circuits (triangles) to restore health in the whole-body system
    • Incorporates the 7-Ray healing techniques dependant on the personality type of the client for speedier and permanent change.

Normal Health

Normal health is present when there is a harmonious energy flow between an individual and their environment. This is an ever-moving dynamic of energy and involves an interlacing of outgoing and incoming forces of vitality. These forces involve levels of consciousness that are in constant movement and readjustment. As the old axiom goes: Energy follows thought.

    • If you believe you are going to become sick, you will become unwell.
    • If you believe you are going to fail, there is the likely chance you will fail.
    • If you believe you are going to be successful, then success can be yours.

Energy Flow

When the outward and inward flow of energy is balanced and normal the individual will feel well and happy. However, if the energy flow becomes imbalanced with prevalent negative thoughts then normal health disappears and sickness takes its place and this can happen at a physiological or psychological level. Ill health or disease results in the forces of energy, the chakras becoming imbalanced and the energy body becoming depleted. The return to normal health requires esoteric psychotherapy which uses specific healing circuits (triangles of energy) combined with therapist and client dialogue.

Relationships & Ill-Health

Disease is energy which is not functioning according to plan and the relationship between the energy of the environment and the energy forces of the individual has deteriorated to a level that the physical and emotional bodies are in pain. Esoteric psychotherapy works towards improving one’s relationship whether it is at business or work, outside activities, associates and friends, family and home or even towards one’s own inner self. This improvement of relationship will help the client transform the face of their disease.

The Will to Change

As long as the client decides they want to change and is willing to do the weekly tasks and meditations recommended by the therapist, esoteric psychotherapy will facilitate a balance in the flow of energy of the chakras and within the vital/energy body. A balanced relationship will be re-established between the physical (etheric), emotional, mental and spiritual bodies resulting in good health at all levels.

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