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Career Counselling

In order to make an informed decision about your career, it helps to understand yourself better. This will assist you in choosing a position you know you will enjoy. This self-understanding will also help you deal with work stress.

Students Counselling

A student is under a lot of pressure. Learning some simple coping strategies can help reduce the stress which will enable a better performance in class and during exams.

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Uses of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

The last 20 years has seen an explosion of research into Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). It has become the treatment choice of many disorders as it has been proven to quickly reduce people’s suffering. This has been achieved through the method of a collaborative therapeutic alliance of client and therapist, goal and agenda setting, and homework tasks. 


Many health conditions can be treated by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy




Irrational fear

Eating disorders

Poor self-esteem

Uncontrollable anger

Relationship problems

Problems associated with alcohol abuse

Anxiety as well as a variety of anxiety disorders

Effective Treatment Method

CBT uses a collaborative therapeutic approach with therapist and client working closely together to set the agenda for the session and the goals to be achieved. It involves at-home tasks and log keeping.


Helpful in cases when medication has not worked at all

CBT may be helpful in cases when medication has not worked at all. This type of therapy may also be completed in a shorter time compared with other types of talking therapy.

Can Be Provided in Various Formats

The structured nature of cognitive behaviour therapy allows it to be provided in various formats. It can be in apps, self-help books, and groups. Furthermore, CBT can impart practical strategies which may be useful in everyday life.

Highly Effective

CBT is well-known and widely used around the world. It has been studied extensively, with a massive wave of evidence confirming that it is highly effective at treating varying mental health conditions.

What Is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy, or talking therapy, commonly used in treating anxiety, depression and other mental problems. It can also help an individual deal with grief, reduce stress and handle complicated relationships. It works on the concept that modification of a person’s beliefs, actions, and feelings can enable them to better face different life challenges.

In CBT, a person is taught by a CBT therapist how to identify, challenge, and get rid of negative thoughts. Practical self-help strategies are introduced to bring about positive changes in a person’s life. CBT is a goal-oriented and problem-specific approach requiring the active involvement of the individual. The focus is on current challenges, behaviours, and thoughts.

Why See A Cognitive Behaviour Therapist?

You may chose to see a CBT therapist because:

It may be successful where medication has not helped

The structured nature of the treatment along with the inclusive nature of the therapy and ‘homework’ appeal to you.

The strategies involved can be applied to your everyday life even after completing the treatment

Treatment is often effective in a shorter timescale than with normal therapy

About Me

Liz McCaughey is a highly effective counsellor, psychotherapist, presenter and author who specialises in practical applications of emotional intelligence and mindfulness for business in order to maximize performance, create cohesive teams and maintain wellness.

Liz’s extensive international experience includes supporting and presenting to corporations (e.g. Shell Australia; St John’s Ambulance, Australia), Universities (e.g. Curtin University, Australia; Edith Cowen University, Australia) and the military (e.g. Royal Australian Air Force, Pierce, Australia) with group workshops, bespoke sessions and individual coaching.

Private Practice & Courses

Within her private practice, based in Hong Kong & Australia, Liz’s unique approach to therapy provides a supportive and safe environment. This gives her clients the freedom to explore their issues in depth. Liz’s courses provide robust and practical strategies, for dealing with life. Liz’s goal is to empower people through knowledge and psychological awareness combined with impactful techniques embedded in mindfulness and meditation.

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