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Helping You Restore Balance to your Working Life

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Helping You Achieve Success

What Career Counselling Can Do for You?

Do you know that you are likely to spend more one-third of your life at work? With so much time to be spent in the office, wouldn’t you want to have a successful and happy career? Career counselling services can help you achieve that goal.

In career counselling, a career counsellor, therapist or a life coach aids you in making an informed career decision. This type of counselling can also be useful in managing a wide range of problems ranging from poor concentration, bad time management, and trust issues.

Issues Tackled During Career Counselling

What you enjoy doing and that gives fulfilment

What you are good at

Salary expectations and worthiness

Your degree of comfort with risk


Finding balance in your life

Location and travel

Decision maker or team member?

Being true to your values

Picking the right career

Career counsellors are educated and trained to assess an individual’s aptitude, personality, and interests. They use these qualities to determine and recommend the best career options to the client.


Providing Expert Resources

Career counsellors can lend their expertise to students, parents and professionals who want to know their best course of action in the pursuit of a particular field or career.

Confidence Building

Career counselling sessions can give you more insight into your career paths. Through their training and education, counsellors can identify their clients’ career challenges. More importantly, counsellors can help to overcome those inevitable career hurdles.

Changing Unwanted Behaviour Patterns

Many students and even professionals have bad habits that can prevent them from achieving career growth and success; like procrastination, inability to focus and poor organisation skills, among many others. Career counsellors are trained to identify and correct these unwanted behaviour patterns and restore productivity at work or in school.

About Me

Liz McCaughey is a highly effective counsellor, psychotherapist, presenter and author who specialises in practical applications of emotional intelligence and mindfulness for business in order to maximize performance, create cohesive teams and maintain wellness.

Liz’s extensive international experience includes supporting and presenting to corporations (e.g. Shell Australia; St John’s Ambulance, Australia), Universities (e.g. Curtin University, Australia; Edith Cowen University, Australia) and the military (e.g. Royal Australian Air Force, Pierce, Australia) with group workshops, bespoke sessions and individual coaching.

Private Practice & Courses

Within her private practice, based in Hong Kong & Australia, Liz’s unique approach to therapy provides a supportive and safe environment. This gives her clients the freedom to explore their issues in depth. Liz’s courses provide robust and practical strategies for dealing with life. Liz’s goal is to empower people through knowledge and psychological awareness combined with impactful techniques embedded in mindfulness and meditation.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

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