I’m Liz McCaughey

 Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Presenter & Clinical Supervisor

 Founder of: aMindset

Empowering People Through

Knowledge & Self-discovery

Professional Supervision

As a member of the ACA College of Supervisors, Liz has been specifically trained to provide supervision that is tailored for the supervisee’s needs

Counselling & Psychotherapy Sessions

Whether you wish long or short term therapy, there is always a session to suit your needs. Liz has over 15 years experience and deals with all aspects of mental wellness.

Free Meditation Downloads

Daily Mind Matters

Having a routine of mindfulness, meditation and positive affirmations can help you cope with most psychological issue. The Daily Mind Matters Page has free audio meditations and PDF downloads that give you daily systems to use to create positive changes in your life. Download your Free Meditation HERE


A Gift For You

Free Stress Relief Package

Everyone experiences stress and sometimes it can be beneficial and help you focus and stay alert. But, when it starts to interfere with your life, you need to do something about it and fast.

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Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is “a formal process of professional support and learning which enables individual practitioners to develop knowledge and competence, assume responsibility for their own practice and enhance consumer protection and safety in complex situations” (Marais-Styndom 1999)


Psychotherapy is more in depth than counselling and focuses on exploring the  painful feelings and experiences from the past which are affecting you in the present. By working with a skilled therapist you can work through and alleviate symptoms such as phobias, anxiety and depression that are adversely effect your life

Esoteric Psychotherapy

Using a combination of talking and energy therapy, Esoteric Psychotherapy (EP) assists the client in balancing their flow of qi or energy. Specifically, EP facilitates the release of that harmful ‘package’ of energy at the root of the problem allowing the client to regain their balance and harmony

Events Workshops

One of the main themes underlying all of Liz’s workshops is for participants to take back control of their life.  Liz believes in empowering people through knowledge and self-discovery. In this changing culture the new leaders of today are the ones who are empowered and step forward with confidence and awareness of their own needs and the needs of others

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About Me

Liz McCaughey is a highly effective counsellor, psychotherapist, presenter and author who specialises in practical applications of emotional intelligence and mindfulness for business in order to maximize performance, create cohesive teams and maintain wellness.

Liz’s extensive international experience includes supporting and presenting to corporations in Australia (e.g. Shell Australia; St John’s Ambulance), Universities (e.g. Curtin University; Edith Cowen University; University of Western Australia) and the military (e.g. Royal Australian Air Force, Pierce) with group workshops, bespoke sessions and individual coaching.

Private Practice & Courses

Within her private practice Liz is based in Hong Kong but works with clients from HK, Australia and the UK. Liz’s unique approach to therapy provides a supportive and safe environment. This gives her clients the freedom to explore their issues in depth. Liz’s courses provide robust and practical strategies, for dealing with life. Liz’s goal is to empower people through knowledge and psychological awareness combined with impactful techniques embedded in mindfulness and meditation.


“Using simple techniques Liz helped me change my attitude about work and my way of working. Using her extensive knowledge and experience she introduced me to simple techniques that I hadn’t thought of implementing. I didn’t appreciate change could be so easy and it all started with me changing the way I thought about myself. Work couldn’t be better and productivity has increased as a bonus.”

Mike Rowland

Entrepreneur, Australia

Liz’s programs offer an intelligent and smart approach. She doesn’t mess about and her workshops are full of great information. You come away feeling more empowered and motivated to change and have the success, she says we are all capable of having. Her programs are excellent.

Carol Flowers

Paralegal, Australia

“If you want to change how you think and believe in yourself, Liz’s counselling & psychotherapy sessions will help you. Stress & anxiety seem forgotten things of the past. I now feel so much more confident, balanced and happy. My family and I couldn’t be happier with the changes that have happened as a result of my therapy sessions.”


Hong Kong

The confidentiality of clients is essential during all  
therapy sessions. 
As a result, names have been withheld when
the testimonials refer to individual therapy sessions.

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